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The School of Software Engineering at Chongqing University was established in December 2001 and is one of the foremost software engineering schools in China. It is characterized by its extent of research and teaching interests and a high quality of faculty and graduates. In an evaluation of software engineering schools by the Ministry of Education in 2006, the school was rated as the top software engineering school in western China. Currently, the School is a community of 33 faculty members including 3 foreign instructors from Ireland and India, 10 staff both technical and administrative, 632 undergraduate students and 400 graduate students. Most of our faculty members have had experience studying or working overseas.

Chongqing University covers a total area of 5,700 mu (about 178 hectares), with 1.39 million square meters of construction space. The campus has many sports facilities such as football, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts. Also indoor and outdoor swimming pools are available to all students. The university library is very well equipped with a collection of 2.79 million volumes, 6000 publications of Chinese and foreign periodicals, and 140,000 volumes in E-book format.

The school has strong ties with IT companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, HUAWEI, KINDEE and a number of local IT companies. Every year, our students have opportunities to join these companies as an intern to develop software projects. The school has also established close cooperative relationships with overseas universities including Michigan University, University of South Alabama, Auburn University, Waterloo University, McMaster University, Carleton University in Canada, University of Queensland in Australia, and the European Institute of Technology in France.

To meet the requirements of the national IT development strategy, our school is responsible for teaching and training software engineering professionals who have the ability to build and maintain complex software systems by the principle of software engineering, the capability to evaluate the quality of software systems, as well as the ability to communicate in English. It is also emphasized that our graduates should have the aptitude of managing software projects and seeking their professional careers in an international software industry.

Students attending the School of Software Engineering at Chongqing University can enjoy a vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities. Getting involved in campus life is the quickest way to become a part of the University community, and to create one's own learning experience.

More Information

For more information about the School of Software Engineering, Chongqing University and the city of Chongqing, visit the website listed below, or click on one of the downloads to view a film about Chongqing University or Chongqing.

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