Currently, the School of Software Engineering has 14 different departments which are listed below.
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Linux Centers

The School of Software Engineering currently has two Linux centers, the National Center of Linux Education and the Linux Technology Laboratory of Chongqing University. These two departments play an important role in promoting the national training of Linux as approved by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology in 2005. The labs are equipped with the latest computer terminals and workstations, wireless network and applications.

Chongqing Information Technology Center

The information technology industry plays a fundamental role in business, government, education and the general public which will increase in the future. SSE provides students with the latest tools they need to be future IT professionals.

Chongqing Municipal Laboratory for Middleware Technology and Services

This Laboratory has a space of 80 square meters. It has recently installed more than 30 high-performance computers. Our goal is to develop unified middleware platforms that simplify and enrich life.

Engineering Center of E-Business

The Engineering Center of E-Business at the School of Software Engineering is one of the premier research groups in its field. The Centre’s primary objective is the application of leading-edge Internet technologies in improving manufacturing and business competitiveness. This is being achieved through the combined application of new technologies and innovative business models.

Digital Arts Laboratory

Enjoy an ideal learning environment in our fully equipped, Digital Arts laboratory. Students research new forms of knowledge for creative expression.

Embedded System Laboratories

There are two laboratories focusing on Embedded System education and research. These are the Education Laboratory of Embedded Systems and the Embedded System Laboratory which focus in research on architecture, design, and tools for networked and embedded computing and communication systems.

Laboratory For Software Engineering And Technology

The Laboratory of Software Engineering is responsible of education and research in computer science technologies and applications related to software. It provides students with access to a wide range of software development tools as well as research-oriented tools.

Software Education Centers

SSE currently has two Software Education Centers, Center A and the Huxi Campus Center For Software Education both fully equipped with the latest technology to enhance students study and productivity.

Chongqing University & Soundtech Laboratory For Intelligent Networks On Vehicles

This department researches and develops software for vehicles such as Global Satellite Positioning and smart detection software.

Network Laboratories

Currently, there are two network related departments in the School of Software Engineering which are, the Laboratory for Network and Distributed Computing and the Technology Center of Network Enhancement Services which are interconnected via a high speed network to the computers servers and the internet.


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