The School of Software Engineering at Chongqing University was established in 2001 and up to now has established 5 education laboratories and 9 research centers with more than 800 computers and other special facilities. Each computer is interconnected via a high speed network to the schools servers and the internet. Every graduate student is equipped with a computing desktop for research and most of the laboratories are open to the students 24 hours a day.

The research base of the school has enjoyed a rapid expansion over this period and this is reflected in the scope of research equipment now available. In addition, there are multiple special-purpose research laboratories focusing on specific research areas, such as information security, Linux, embedded systems, intelligent networks on vehicles, digital arts, e-business, web servers, distributed systems and middleware.

The school of software Engineering is supported with research grants from a number of sources including the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the National Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) and the Chongqing Science and Technology Commission (CSTC).

The School of Software Engineering is at the forefront of research and discovery. Academic staff frequently publishes their research results in many local and international journals and at conferences.

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Research Interests
Yang Dan Scientific Computing, Image Processing, Software Engineering
Chen Shuyu Intelligent Computing, Computer Network and Communication, Information Security
Chen Lin Information Processing and Control Systems, Intelligent Robots, Intelligent Information Systems, Computing Model, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
Fu Li Information Processing and Control Systems, Intelligent Robots, Intelligent Information Systems, Computing Model, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
Xiang Hong Intrusion Detection, Information Security, Web protocol Security, Web Systems Security Evaluation, Engineering Standard of Information Security
Wang Chengliang Computer Graphics, Web Information Systems, Database Systems, Software Engineering
Lei Yueming Image Processing, Windows Drive Program, Medical Image Collection and Processing, Non-linear Video processing Technology and Application, Multimedia Technology and Games, Embedded Systems
Zhang Yi Computer Graphics, Embedded Systems, Software Engineering
Hong Sha Software Engineering, E-commerce, Image processing
Wen Junhao Software Engineering, Oriented-object Technology, Database Systems, Data Mining
Tan Huixin Work Flow Management, Computer Graphics, Digital Arts and Technology, Software Structure
Zhu Weihua Artificial Intelligence, Web Services, Games Software, Software Engineering
Sang Jun Information Security, Information Hidden, Digital Image Watermark
Cai Haini Software Engineering, Software Structure
Liu Ling GIS, Computing Graphics and Multimedia Technology
Zhang Xiaohong Software Engineering, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Chaos Control and Secret Communication
Wu Yingbo Software Engineering Theory and Technology, Middleware
Ren Haijun Software Engineering, GIS, Embedded Systems, Image Processing
Hong Mingjian Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Linux/Unix Operation Systems


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